Non-invasive, Inexpensive, and Novel Method for Determining Aortic Compliance and Peripheral Resistance



An echocardiogram is routinely used to evaluate heart function. Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a technique for extending the use of an echocardiogram for accurately calculating arterial capacitance and total peripheral resistance of the body – both measures being important for assessing overall cardiovascular health. An echocardiogram producer leveraging MU’s proprietary method for determining arterial capacitance and total peripheral resistance will have a market advantage. The researchers have developed and validated a proprietary method for diagnosing arteriosclerosis and overall cardiovascular health based on in-vitro experimentation and swine data. The method is currently being validated against the gold standard on 10 patients on an IRB-approved plan.

Commercialization Status:

Prototype built, currently testing against the PWV test, the gold standard, on 10 patients

IP Status
Patent pending


• Noah Manring, PhD
• Patrice Delafontaine, MD

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