No Value Added

We discussed this a little bit in our group chat, but I wanted to highlight a few things here. Timing – all of this occurred within 30 minutes Asking questions to control the conversation – all of the questions that were asked were “Situational” questions that were probing for problems that I did not have.… Continue reading No Value Added

SDR 2 2021

In this post, we will review call scripts and the objectives set out for you when making calls. Please remember – your goal as an SDR is to not just book meetings, but to book meetings with “qualified” people. Quick review – delivering value Any time we “touch” a contact – email, social media, phone… Continue reading SDR 2 2021

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Getting Social

Two strategies laid out below – 3-2-1 and 1-1-1-1 strategies Try the 3-2-1 approach 3 posts in a 2 week period – 1 post about industry news Post an article that is relevant to the industry that you’re in. Scot will start to pull together information for these to go out on a weekly basis.… Continue reading Getting Social

Reddit SDR Resources

Maybe you are tired of listening to me. Maybe you are tired of the product or the company. Maybe COVID has you down. Today is the day to get your activity level up. If you don’t do it today, forget about tomorrow. Here is a list of links that you may find useful. These are… Continue reading Reddit SDR Resources

Turning Around RBO’s

Reflex Responses, Brush-Offs, and Objections “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson My objective with this article is twofold: I’m going to give you a framework for dealing with prospecting objections that increases your probability of getting to yes. Once you master this framework you’ll gain the confidence… Continue reading Turning Around RBO’s

What Channel Mix includes in the hotel industry.

One important part of the sale process is the Channel Mix. The Channel Mix of a hotel includes many different channels, and each hotel has a different method to distribute depending on business strategy and sale policy. We can categorize the channel by offline and online. Offline includes: Property direct (walk-in guests) Call center /… Continue reading What Channel Mix includes in the hotel industry.

Which contents should your hotel’s blog contain?

The customer always trusts in a hotel that has their own website than who is not. Likewise, customers have a better feeling with a website with updating content than a website with photos and services information only. A good blog will help your hotel express your characteristic and attract groups of customers that have the… Continue reading Which contents should your hotel’s blog contain?