MySmartE – An Eco-feedback and Gaming Platform for Residential Energy Management

  • Technology Readiness Level: 5


Researchers at Purdue University have developed a platform to promote energy- conserving, thermostat adjustment behaviors. Residential heating and cooling is responsible for 20% of total energy consumption in the U.S., and its costs account for up to 16% of income for low-income families. The Purdue researchers’ system consists of a wall-mounted, digital thermostat connected with the MySmartE energy management app. The app provides custom action recommendations based on each household’s energy usage and also promotes energy conservation through a collaborative, community-level game among residents. This system is the first energy management platform that promotes direct user action through community-level engagement.


  • Decreases residential energy use
  • Voice-control feature available
  • Cloud-based, IoT system

Potential Applications

Residential energy management

Contact Information

Name: Matthew R Halladay


Phone: 765-588-3469