MXene-Aromatic Thermosetting Copolyester Biocompatible Implant Material Nanocomposite


There is a need to design and manufacture wear-resistant implant materials to improve the durability of the prosthesis and reduce the negative impressions of re-surgery and implant replacement in patients and the associated costs.In this invention, a new class of biocompatible composite material including aromatic thermosetting copolyester (ATSP) matrix and titanium carbide (Ti3C2Tx) MXene nanosheets reinforcement has been developed. This formulation can be utilized in thin coating and bulk forms with outstanding mechanical and tribological properties and can be the next generation wear-free artificial bone implants. The developed ATSP-MXene composite is highly biocompatible with mesenchymal stem cells and possesses excellent compressive strength, hardness, and wear resistance in synovial fluid, as compared to the widely used bio-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.



The composite could be used in both coating and bulk forms.

Addresses the need for polymer-on-polymer hip joint bearings.

High biocompatibility with mesenchymal stem cells.

Extremely high wear resistance (unmeasurable “zero” wear for the coating).

Excellent load-bearing capability (compressive strength of 144.5 MPa that is 2orders of magnitudes greater than the body weight, and hardness of 260 MPa).

Potential Applications

  • Mobility at the hip, knee, temporomandibular, shoulder, ankle, finger, and elbow joints.
  • Stabilizing devices such as spinal implants and other medical devices.
  • Artificial joints including ball and socket, saddle, hinge, pivot, gliding, and condyloid joints.

Contact Information

Name: Shyamala Rajagopalan


Phone: 979-862-3002