Motorized Robotic Walker

The Problem:
Current conventional walkers have several problems including that the user must pick up and manually push the walker forward, users have to bend over to reach the walker’s support, and current walkers require a lot of energy and strength to operate. A mobility aid that serves the necessary functions of providing physical support and a sense of security while promoting the use of the user’s lower limbs can have significant advantages to their health and lifestyle.

The Solution:
Researchers at the University of Alabama have developed a motorized robotic walker guided by an image processing system for human walking assistance. The proposed motorized walker moves with the user, allowing the user to focus their effort and energy on walking and not guiding or pushing the walker. This is accomplished using a three-dimensional camera image processing system. The invented algorithm also ensures that the walker remains availably to provide assistance to the user as needed. Additionally, the walker is adjustable to allow the user to stand up straight in their natural walking posture.


  • Incorporates automatic navigation into a robotic walker.
  • Walker does not disturb the user’s walking rhythm.
  • Reduces the user’s metabolic energy consumption.
  • Can also be used as a rehabilitation device.
  • Gives users a better sense of independence.
  • Tracks the user to ensure that it remains oriented & the walker remains accessible for physical support.

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