Miniature Type VI CRISPR-Cas Systems and Methods of Use


This technology includes new variants of CRISPR-Cas proteins from metagenomic datasets isolated from different environmental and microbiome environments that are distantly related to other CRISPR-Cas systems that utilize a guide RNA (gRNA) to perform RNA-directed cleavage of nucleic acids that can be applicable for RNA editing, diagnostics, and more. The enzyme is activated by the binding of an RNA target complementary to the spacer sequence, in order to activate cis-cleavage of the RNA target and/or unleash trans-cleavage activity against RNA substrates. This invention is beneficial for transcriptome editing and detecting RNA molecules, but it can also detect DNA substrates upon transcription.


Potential Applications

Possible applications of this invention include:

  • transcript knockdown
  • transcriptome editing by fusions to ADAR proteins
  • detecting RNA molecules
  • detection of DNA substrates upon transcription

Contact Information

Name: Terri Sale


Phone: 510-643-4219