Method to Coat Fabrics with Wearable Sensors

  • Technology Readiness Level: 5 ( Technology validated in relevant environment )
  • Technology Validation: The researchers successfully fabricated a respiration-measuring sensor on a disposable facemask and a pulse-measuring sensor on a fabric glove.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed wearable sensors for monitoring health information such as pulse and respiration. Installing sensors on wearable fabrics allows the sensors to be easily integrated with the human body. However, using the current methods, wearability of devices installed on fabrics is low. The Purdue researchers’ technology preserves wearability by directly coating conductive polymers onto fabrics using oxidative chemical vapor deposition (oCVD), leading to a direct fabrication of sensors. This method is an inexpensive and simple way to monitor health information without compromising the wearability of the devices on fabrics.

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