Method for Computer Modeling of Partially Coated Structures

Our contributors have proposed a simple and efficient projection-based approach to modeling partial coatings on a structure. This integrated projection-based, isogeometric analysis directly incorporates the existing CAD model and material definitions and eliminates time-consuming geometry manipulation and meshing steps that are necessary for more typical high-fidelity analysis methods.

This work presents a method for modeling a partial coating on a structure to be simulated using computational methods. Many types of structures, from very small-scale
structures like arteries and heart valve leaflets to large-scale structures such as building components, aircraft, wind turbines, and ships, may be fully or partially coated by many
different substances and materials that attach to their interior or exterior surfaces. Whether a coating is manufactured or occurs naturally, due to the operating conditions of the structure, any type of coating may influence the performance of the underlying structure.

The method involves steps to project the shape(s) of the partial coating onto a baseline structure, identify the region(s) on the baseline structure that are coated, add the coating material(s) to the baseline structure, and blend the material properties of the coating(s) with the material properties of the baseline structure in the coated region(s). The baseline geometry of the structure remains unmodified.


  • Newness
  • Performance
  • Convenience
  • Time savings

Primarily design engineering and architects in many industries that design and/or manufacture a composite material (e.g., aerospace, wind turbines, healthcare).

Johnson, E.L., Hsu, MC. Isogeometric analysis of ice accretion on wind turbine blades. Comput Mech 66, 311–322 (2020).

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