Method for Comprehensive Extraction of Cyclopeptide Toxins and Other Metabolites

The Problem:
Current extraction techniques are used to obtain cyclopeptides from the amanita phalloides mushroom to be examined for its cancer treating potential. However, the current extraction process is not exhaustive (as it does not recover all of the toxins containing a-amanitin), and the amount extracted has to be approximated. Additionally, the extraction process is time consuming as it takes anywhere from one to two days.

The Solution:
The invention is an extraction procedure that efficiently and exhaustively recovers cyclopeptide toxins from amanita phalloides mushrooms, as well as other secondary metabolites. This is an Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) process that is run with two solvents of differing polarity to extract the toxins. This process excels at not only picking up polar toxins, but nonpolar toxins as well.


  • Greatly decreased time required; can be completed in 45 minutes.
  • Exhaustively recovers all of the toxins including a-amanitin and nonpolar toxins.
  • Can recover the residual cyclopeptides left in the mushroom sample used in the current procedure.

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