Method for Autonomous Optimal Management of Connected, Autonomous, or Conventional Machineries in Construction and Mining Worksites


There is currently no approach that tries to autonomously manage and coordinate a fleet of off-road machines/vehicles in a construction or mining site in an optimized way. The present study in the subject of linked or autonomous vehicles is mostly focused on controlling each individual vehicle with its on-board controller in terms of trajectory prediction, rather than coordinating with other machinery or vehicles on-site. This invention contains a process/method for determining the ideal operation of a fleet of machines on a site in terms of tasks at each time interval, timed location, workload quantity, recommended driving trajectories, and so on. Worksite planning for conventional vehicles was often done manually off-line in a job-planning phase prior to the actual work. Our technology creates an autonomous and optimum worksite management system that may be utilized in real-time for linked cars with on-line optimization/adaptation or as a pre-work planning system for traditional vehicles. The technology is particularly useful in a connected workplace, where machines are linked via wireless communication.

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