Managing people by the situation

There are many situations when managing people. In this article, I will split into 4 basic situations for managers to have a suitable management solution. Base on the skills and willingness of the employee, we have 4 types of employee:

1. Low willingness, poor skill

These people are usually the newbies to the company, or for some reason, they show up at the office. Because lacking the two important things, the managers should tell them what to do and how to do it to make sure the works being done correctly.

2. High willingness, poor skills

These people are the newbies as well, on the way to learning how to work. They are usually young people with much enthusiasm. To these employees, we need to manage by guiding them to help them strengthen their skills. With their willingness, they will soon become productive in work.

3. Low willingness, great skills

These people are usually long-time employees, who are familiar with the job but lazy to find changes in their works. To manage these people, we need to collaborate with them and find out the methods to motivate them.

4. High willingness, great skills

The character of these people is confident and active in their work. To these employees, the most suitable management method is delegation, broaden their working area to let them perform their full potential.

Photo by on Pexels.