Low Profile Multi-Band Antennas

The Problem:
Automotive infotainment is becoming a mainstream feature in all automobiles. In addition, the field of commercial telematics (e.g., fleet tracking) and Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS) is growing rapidly. Automotive telematic communication technologies (antennas) are used to support automotive infotainment; commercial telematics and IVS include AM/FM/satellite radio, GPS, WiFi, mobile cellular tech. and some proprietary wireless technologies. Current antennas for automobiles are perpendicular to the vehicle (straight up and down) due to inference of the antenna with the metal of the vehicle.

The Solution:
Researchers at the University of Alabama have developed a small antenna that can cover many channels (frequencies) for telecommunications and informatics. This technology allows the antenna to the parallel with the vehicle (flush with surface), improving aerodynamics and protecting against antenna damage. Due to the composition of the antenna, it is possible to still get good communication from this antenna when it is close to metal.


  • Low profile & aerodynamic.
    • Antenna height ≤ 6 mm, Antenna parallel with vehicle
  • Multi-band frequencies, wide receiving range.
    • Cell phones and WLAN
  • Omni-directional radiation patterns.
  • Fits flat against the structure, without interference.
  • Direct mounting.

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