LinkedIn co-founder reveals the secret of employer-employee relationship

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, a social networking site specifically designed for the business community, has published a book called “fundamental disconnect” of modern employment. The book reveals the issues of relationship between employers and employees, when companies expect employees’ commitment without offering job security, while employees promise royalty, but leave if there are better job opportunities.

According to Reid Hoffman, the employer-employee relationship is based on a dishonest belief that might result in losing employers continually losing valuable workers, while employees are tend not to invest 100% of their enthusiasm in their current job, because they are looking for better opportunitiese.

Mr. Hoffman said that the trust in business corporate world is greatly reduced. According to Gallup, a polling company in the US, 70% workers are not engaged in their work. To address that situation, in the book ‘The Alliance’, co-authored with entrepreneurs Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh, Mr. Hoffman said we need to change the way we think that employees are family or permanent agents, but rather alliance. This change of mindset will help increase the overall outcome for both employees and the company to fulfill their obligations in a timely manner, while giving them the flexibility to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Thus, to help employees be more engaged, employers need to change the current relationship from “family” to “ally” with employees, to improve the relationships as well as mutual trust between the two sides.

Photo by Jonathan Borba tại Pexels