Light Emitting Fibers


Lght-emitting fibers are developed through coaxially coating a wet-spun carbon nanotube fiber with materials needed to enable electrically pumped light emission.



These carbon nanotube fibers characterized by high electrical conductivity and tunable doping characteristics serves as one of the electrodes needed for charge injection. Additionally, it provides the necessary structural support to receive the subsequent materials through a layer-by-layer scalable coating process leading to an overall flexible light emitting fiber with unprecedented mechanical properties. 

Potential Applications

The flexibility of these fibers and the scalability of the fabrication process enables high throughput formation of these light-emitting structures can be woven into large area fabric. They can be used in wearable light emitting fabrics for applications including sports and fashion.  Medical applications including neural stimulation or light emitting cloth for therapeutic purposes such as treating Jaundice.  Furthermore, you can grow light in form of fiber or fabric to stimulate plant growth sensors including chemical, mechanical and/or medical sensors 

Contact Information

Name: Craig Kennedy