(Leland) RU1604193, An Elite Conventional Breeding Line with High Yield, Superior Milling/Grain Quality, and Broad-Spectrum Blast Disease Resistance

Overview of Technology

Leland is a newly developed conventional variety of long-grain rice that matures early and has high yield potential.

Background of Technology

Leland is an elite conventional-type, long-grain rice breeding line developed by Mississippi State Researchers. Derived from a single cross between the commercial values Cheniere and Banks, it is early maturing, lodging-resistant and has excellent high yield potential in the rice-growing countries of the Mississippi Delta.

Technology Description  

The Leland breeding line has the broad-spectrum gene for resisting rice blast, the number one rice disease in the US while also possessing milling and grain quality characteristics unmatched by any other upcoming breeding line in the US today. Therefore as the released variety, would provide Mississippi rice growers with an excellent and equally affordable upgrade to Rex and Thad, the most recent MSU conventional variety releases, to enable them to successfully compete, production potential and product quality-wise and address both domestic production and global market challenges faced by the US rice industry. The yield, milling quality, and broad spectrum resistance to rice disease was favorable to Leland in all categories. 


‑ increased yield

‑ improved resistance to rice disease

‑ improved milling quality 


Ability to be used as a breed to grow rice with a higher yield potential



Contact Information

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