Leakage Minimization Face Barrier

Leakage Minimization Face Barrier
A face barrier that aligns with new CDC regulations, and maximizes moisture wicking and minimizes discomfort

The CDC and ASTM released new specifications for barrier face coverings. MSU researchers have designed a new covering that is in line with these updated regulations.

Due to the issues with mask discomfort and fit, people in the public resist wearing facial coverings despite government regulations. The MSU face barrier covering utilizes moisture wicking inner lining to decrease discomfort from perspiration. The MSU face barrier covering was designed based on data from over 10 different masks.

Technology Overview
The use of a moisture wicking inner layer provides additional moisture control. The addition of the elastic soft foam trim prevents impacted moisture droplets from escaping and causing low filtration efficiency readings. The moldable elastic soft foam across the top of the barrier face covering also limits fogging of eyewear. The sleek design also limits side leakage by creating a contoured seal at the top of the jawbone.


  • Reduces discomfort
  • Effectively minimizes entry of contaminants

Can be commercialized for use by general population to prevent effects of COVID-19 Pandemic

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