Interview May: problems when doing research

May is a lecture in Biology at a university in Thailand.

How does Covid-19 affect your research?

Not much. Most of my research happens in my lab. The company is small. There is one problem but not about the research. It’s more about business. My product is being presented at the mall. When the pandemic happens, the mall closed, and even when they reopen not many people come to it.

Do you often meet your researchers and work with them?

I usually meet them to test the component of sugar in the fruit and juice and see if it affect diabetes patient or not. We test on rats and individuals.

The pandemic has made a switch to be more online. Will it affect your research conduct in a long term, and how will you prepare for the change?

Not really. Most of the time people working in a lab. I don’t think we could do the research online effectively because we need to make tests and real results.

Your research contribute to your own company or to the other companies as well?

Only for my company.

How did you recruit the researchers?

They are my students from my college. The lectures also have their own clan to post the recruitment. All I need to do is post the job with a Biology code.

Have you ever connected with the researchers in other countries?

Yes. I work with Professor in Australia and Korea. I send my student to those countries. In the situation of lockdown, we need to postpone the exchange program until next year (2021).

Have you ever connected with industry partners in Thailand and in the other countries? If yes, how did you find them?

They find us to be exact. They apply to a program at my university, my faculty. Head of the department will look for a suitable business and distribute to us.

What are the problems when it comes to research?

I think it’s about our sales. We make some of the products we want but don’t know how to sell them.

Which channel would you use to sell the research or to find a business partner?

I want both online and offline. But normally we do it over a third party. There is an organization help connecting the industry with the researchers. We need to send our CV to them and they will match a partner to us. Besides, we don’t know how to let people know about our products and facilities. However, we have not found any technology or solution to solve that problem.

Do you have intention on selling products abroad?

Yes. I think about it a lot. However, our production ability is limited. Sometimes we don’t have enough for the domestic.

If there is an open platform to help you connect with your customer, what would be the function that you desire?

We want a platform that helps us advertise all of our products and introduce our facilities. All of our products have good quality but not yet to have the FTA approved. We can sell at the top supermarkets with the condition of having people explain about the product, wouldn’t need that if we had an FTA. It means our product is good enough. To do commercial abroad, if the partner asks for an FTA, it could be a problem.

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