Integration of Wind Turbines and CO2 Capturing Filter

  • Technology Readiness Level: 2


Researchers at Purdue University have developed a system to capture CO2 from the air and use it to make calcium carbonate for cement or other applications. Large-scale carbon capture technologies are needed to slow climate change and ocean acidification and prevent global warming above 2.0 degrees Celsius. The Purdue researchers’ technology uses a wind turbine to capture CO2 and provide the energy to a liquid filter system that absorbs CO2 by injecting polluted air from point sources or other air with concentrated CO2 into a water-calcium hydroxide solution. The carbon dioxide reacts with the calcium hydroxide, forming calcium carbonate, which can be used for concrete production, among other applications. This technology could have a large impact on “closing the loop” in concrete production, which accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions. The researchers have also proposed installing the filtration component of the system in the exhaust of vehicles, which will capture concentrated CO2 streams.


  • Reduces atmospheric CO2 concentration
  • Traps other pollutants like NOx
  • Slows climate change and ocean acidification
  • Allows reuse of wastewater with high pH from different industries, including the corn processing industry
  • Reduces demand for wastewater treatment

Potential Applications

  • CO2 removal from the atmosphere
  • Concrete production with reduced abiotic depletion
  • CO2 removal from transport exhausts and from industries’ point of CO2 emissions

Contact Information

Name: Dipak Narula


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