Insights about leaving and staying at work

In the previous article, I wrote about engaging and keeping employees. In this one, I introduce you to a result about leaving and staying of the employees from the annual report of Michael Page “An overview of Vietnam recruitment in 2020”.

Employees believe that they will stay if:

  • More bonding activities
  • Planning ahead the training and development programs
  • Raise the salary
  • Promotion
  • A flexible working schedule can be put into consideration

And what makes employees to leave:

  • Better chance in another place
  • Their working ability and skills not being utilized
  • Not getting well with the leaders
  • Especially there are 87% of the responders said that “not satisfied with the salary” is the top reason for the decision
  • 88% of the responders said they will notify their managers and tell the reason honestly

Top 5 issues that employees will take into consideration when getting a new job:

  • Challenge of the new industry
  • Optimize their ability and skills
  • Working culture and energy of the team
  • Employee benefit
  • A great leader and instructor

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels