Improve candidate experience to develop your employer brand.

In a tight and fast-moving labor market, more businesses are considering to improve their candidate experience as a way to develop employer brand more effectively. It is because left unattended candidate experience can draw negative effect on your organization’s employer brand and ability to attract talent.

Research shows that candidates who had bad experience during hiring process, they are likely to advise others not to apply to an organization, and leave negative reviews on Glassdoor or Comparably. Similarly, your employer brand also affects whether potential candidates will consider to apply at your company or not.

To begin evaluating the candidate experience process, you need an overview of your employer brand. One way to help you is to have an overview of your current employer brand, the reviews and feedback from the future and past candidates, so that you can find solutions for them. As usual, candidate experience responses tend to fall into three main categories:

Communication: all candidates want to know where they stand in the application process. So, whether they are qualified or not, ensure that all candidates receive all transparent confirmation.

The Interview: to ensure that your candidates are well treated during the interview process, human resources and hiring managers need to understand their role in creating a good experience for candidates. All expectations should be informed in advance to your candidates to prepare before the interview. Most candidates often complain that the hiring process often bends on the side of the employer, so you need to help your candidates see their importance to your company.

• The Follow-up: no matter how the interview goes, you should always send the follow-ups to your candidate with open and honest feedback. Candidates primarily have their impression and are more likely to recommend others based on their experience and how well they are treated from the recruitment team, regardless of the offer. Hence, if the experience is positive, they are likely to follow up with future positions that might be a better match and continue to apply.

It is important to remember that a great candidate experience is the best employer brand message for your business. Your employer brand may increase or decrease the opportunity to attract the top talent, so you need to manage with well intentions. Make sure your employer brand is focused on improving the positive experience for candidates in the future.

Photo by Neonbrand on Unsplash