Imaging And Quantifying Transverse Flow Velocity Using Doppler Bandwidth In Functional Optical Coherence Tomography


See patent information below. The Doppler bandwidth extracted from the standard deviation of the frequency shift in phase-resolved optical Doppler tomography (ODT) is used to image the velocity component transverse to the probing beam. The effective numerical aperture (NA) of the optical objective determines the slope of the dependence of the standard deviation on velocity. In the case where the angle between the probing beam and flow direction is within ±15 degrees to the perpendicular, the Doppler frequency shift is very sensitive to angle position while the Doppler bandwidth is insensitive to flow direction. Linear dependence of the flow velocity on the Doppler bandwidth allows accurate measurement of flow velocity without precise determination of flow direction. In addition, it also extends the dynamic range of the average frequency shift mapping method used in the phase-resolved ODT.


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