Image-Based System Gauges Fluid Volume in Extreme Morphologies

  • System and method for gauging fluid mass/volume in an enclosed container
  • Image-based system measures liquid via optical absorption
  • Monitors fluid continuously and dynamically regardless of morphology

The University of Central Florida invention is an image-based system for gauging the volume of fluids in a container, regardless of morphology. By imaging the optical absorption of a liquid, the method enables accurate volume measurement, even while the fluid is splashing around within a container.

Though many specialized volume gauging systems for enclosed containers exist, few can adapt to extreme fluid morphologies as the UCF invention can. For example, in reduced gravity environments, fluids tend to coalesce and float in large droplets which have no contact with the walls of the container, violating the operating principles of existing technologies.

Technical Details

The image-based UCF invention enables continuous, dynamic tracking of fluid inside an enclosed container. A key aspect is that the system can perform volume gauging regardless of the liquid’s morphology. In one example application, the system setup can include:

A container for storing the fluid
One or more of the following:
Light sources to illuminate the fluid with wavelengths in an absorption spectrum of the fluid
Imaging devices, such as cameras, to generate images as light propagates through the fluid
Controllers to determine fluid volume based on the image(s)
An optical relay to direct the light used for images and provide thermally/chemically isolated views from within the enclosure
The volume of the fluid may be determined based on one or more images through various techniques including, but not limited to, direct calculations associated with measured absorbance of the light by the fluid or indirect calculations using a machine learning algorithm.

Partnering Opportunity

The research team is seeking partners for licensing and/or research collaboration.

Stage of Development

Prototype available.

Contact Information

Name: John Miner


Phone: 407.882.1136