Hydrophobic Papers Via Metal-Ion Induced Wettability Alteration, Application, And Preparation Thereof

Overview of Technology

This technology is a solution to the permeability of conventional paper, by making it hydrophobic through the application of hydrophobic properties. 

Technology Description 

This technology uses a metal-ion modification method to convert conventional paper (eg. Newspapers, Copy paper, packing paper, tissue paper and kraft paper) to hydrophobic papers. This method involves immersing the conventional papers into a class of metal ion solutions, (eg. Zr4+, Fe3+, Fe2+, Cu2+, Co2+, etc.) followed by air drying or oven drying. 

The metal-ion modification method utilizes the class of metal ion solution as listed above, whereby some modified hydrophobic papers exhibited high hydrophobicity, good water resistance and good oleophilic property. These metal-ion modified hydrophobic papers can be used as the new generation paper packaging materials as well as a renewable adsorbent for oil spill cleaning. 

Background on technology

Paper which consists of lignocellulosic fibers, is a class of useful material with many applications such as packaging, printing, decorating, filtering and cleaning. However, the inherent hydrophilicity and hygroscopicity of paper make it with low water resistance and impede its wide applications. Therefore, to make these products more durable and equip paper products with hydrophobic character to overcome the hydrophobic and hygroscopic issues. 


  • Hydrophobic papers can be used as the new generation paper packaging materials
  • Can be used as a renewable absorbent for oil spill cleaning
  • Can be used as a membrane for water/oil mixture and water/oil emulsion separation 


Looking for partners to commercialize this product. 


  • Licensing


  • Revolutionize conventional paper products with the ability to reflect water and other liquids. 


Suggested Companies (a list of companies you would like to work with)

  • International Paper Company

Key words

Paper, hydrophobic, hydrophobic paper, packaging, oil absorbent, water repellent, metal ion, coordination, Fe3, Zr4

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