HR practitioners are happy with their jobs but lack analytics skills

CIPD survey reveals that HR professionals reporting a strong sense of meaningful work more likely to be data-driven in their decision-making process, but are not equipped with advanced data analytics skill to perform.

In the latest People Profession survey from the CIPD and Workday, conducted by YouGov, 78% of people who work in HR said their work is meaningful. Nearly 74% of the 1,368 HR professionals in the survey believed that they had the opportunity to add more values to their workplace. 70% said their work made them happy and 66% said they looked forward to coming into work every day.

However, the survey also pointed out the profession could improve, especially around people analytics and data skills. According to the report, only 6% of HR practitioners are using advanced analytical techniques to make business decisions, while 37% still use and collect very basic HR data.

Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, said the finding was very crucial as the demands on HR over the last few months after the coronavirus pandemic had “never been greater”. He also stressed that the capacity to read and interpret data can significantly articulate the real benefit function brings to organizations.

“This will be even more important as businesses look to drive performance and productivity as they chart their way through more challenging and uncertain economic times, and must balance financial, legal and ethical perspectives in the decisions that impact their workforces,” Cheese said. “People professionals will continue to face many demanding months ahead as we slowly come out of the lockdown and the full impact this crisis has had on the economy is laid bare.”

By understanding the importance of HR professionals in this critical time and the necessary skills they need to improve, business leaders can gain more insights how to lead their organizations through crisis successfully.

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash