How to make customers remember your hotel?

As the hotel business being more competitive, along with the development of the OTAs, customers do not remember the hotel’s brand name until they experience the product. If they forget anything, all they have to do is checking the booking information. Most of the hotels being lost in the long list of hotels that causes difficulty for customers to find your hotel to book. So how to make customers remember your hotel even before they come to experience the service?

Let introduce your hotel’s competitive advantages by using keywords and images. You need to find the most impactful advantages of your hotel and turn them into keywords and photos to help customers remember it easily.

For example, there is an area called Nobita Town or Doraemon area. Remembering the hotel’s brand is not important to customers anymore because they have keywords like “Nobita in Dalat” or “Doraemon in Dalat”.

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash.

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