How to keep your employee: here the solutions (categorized by generation)

Each employee has their own needs and motivations to work, or even to leave. However, in general, those employees who work at the same time would have something in common. In this article, I will mention 3 generations that currently in the labor market: Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z.

Gen X is the generation born between 1965 and 1979, which is at the age of 40 to 55. They are self-control, stable, and a bit of struggle with the development of technology. To ensure their working energy is high, we need to:

  • Caring about their family
  • Open communication
  • Training about tech

Gen Y is the generation born between 1980 and 1996, which is at the age of 24 to 40. They want to challenge themselves and search for new opportunities, and surely they understand tech. To elevate these people, we should:

  • Create a creative environment and new challenges
  • Recognition and Appreciation
  • Apply tech to work

Gen Z is the generation born in the late 20s century. They have a close connection with mobile gadgets and their life somehow being cover by technology. Therefore they face a lot of conscious questions about themselves. To motivate them, the HR department should:

  • Apply tech to operation
  • Communicate regularly to support and remain the connectivity
  • Remain communication and improve the company’s mission

Photo by Fox on Pexels.