How to increase your hotel revenue in the weekday

Low revenue in the weekday is always a problem to the hotel, especially to the hotal noy in the tourist area. To earn revenue, hotels usually run the discount promotion. However, there are some other methods help hotel remain a good stable price.

Create Promotion Package

Instead of lowering the price, let adding extra services or creating a package that cheaper than using two services separately. Most favorite need of the weekday-guests is massage.

Approaching local company

There are many companies need the conference room for their meetings or their small events. In general, some global companies with many local brand or FMCG with their wide distribution network always need space for event and accommodation.

Creating weekday wedding package

There are many people want to use the modern and spacious space of hotels for their wedding but they have concerns with price. Or there are some customers prefer a small wedding in weekday than the crowd of weekend. Just creating wedding packages suits the need of each type of customers.

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