How to create a positive application process that keeps candidates coming back.

The hiring process can be long and difficult for both employers and candidates. There are often multiple stages, and sometimes even multiple interviews. And although we need a thorough search, the longer the hiring process is, the easier the candidate experience falls by the wayside.

Generally, candidates who do not pass a certain position may be encouraged to continue applying for another position at your company. However, if they had bad experience with the hiring process, these candidates would lose interest.

Therefore, to help your candidates have more positive experience, here are 7 recommended methods from Forbes to keep them coming back next time:

1. Give honest and specific feedback: instead of keeping candidates waiting, you can send feedback to them. In particular, candidates will appreciate more if you can take the time to give them feedback on the interview, or resume and why they were not accepted. If they are good candidates and you had a tough choice, share with them and invite them back to interview for other positions.

2. Make time for candidates: candidates need to see that they have a fair chance to prove themselves. So take the time to answer to all candidates, even though you are very busy with many candidates for the same position.

3. Stay in touch: one of the things that makes a candidate feel worst is when the employer fails to communicate with them about the next steps of the hiring process, even if they don’t fit the position. When properly informed, candidates will feel more respected.

4. Using chatbots: AI-powered chatbots can greatly enhance your candidate’s experience by creating multiple automatic touchpoints with candidates 24/7. Chatbots can provide CX interactions by asking questions, collecting data, evaluating accordingly and even setting up calls or interviews – depends on the needs and the scale of the employer.

5. Listen to feedback and take action: some candidates might share with you their bad experiences at other companies. So listen for feedback and change the process of your recruitment. Find out what the candidate is looking for, instead of just focusing on finding the right candidate.

6. Explain and motivate: everyone wants to be seen. So keep a simple formula: explain that even though there is a limited vacancy, the company wants to maintain an active candidate. Provide them a list of on-going vacancies to show respect to them.

7. Communicate with all candidates: There are many candidates who complain that when they apply for a job, they never hear any feedback from the employer. This can affect your employment brand a lot. Start by sending an email to all candidates to confirm that you have received their resumes. After a few days, you can send out rejection letters, and contact the qualified candidates.

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