How to add value to your employer brand

Many organizations in Vietnam have recognized the importance of building employer branding. A business with a good employer brand can attract and retain the right talent to your company’s culture.

One of the top priorities of job seekers besides salary and bonus is what the company values are. Today, candidates want to find a company that are similar to their personal beliefs, and career goals. This is also an important factor to attract top talents, as well as have their loyalty for a long term. The four following strategies can help you to improve your employer brand to attract the top talents:  

  • Provide experiential interviews:

Most interviews are conducted through conversation. However, leverage the interview time so that your candidates can understand your company’s culture and environment. A good way is provide real life scenarios that your department or company is having, and ask for their perspectives. This will help candidates to give their personal opinions, as well as help employers have more insights to choose suitable candidates.

  • Treat employees and candidates as guests:

According to Scott Schoeneberge, marketing agency manager at BlueWater, the value of the business can be conveyed through the art of architecture. For example, the office lobby is an interesting place to give a good first impression to your guests. Implement the use of media and technology to deliver a welcoming message to employees and candidates, tell brand stories, interact with guest names, or inform your employees’ recent accomplishments.

  • Invest in human resources on training and development:

Candidates yearn for training opportunities to develop their skills. Remember that talented people can be trained, and when they are properly invested, you will gain their loyalty and unique creativity that are different from your competitors.

  • Invest in internal brand stories:

Happy employees are the best brand ambassador for your organizations. Identify the satisfied and excellent employees to tell their stories into your recruiting brand. This will help to inspire the future candidates, as well as create a unique, creative message of your brand compared to other organizations in the recruiting market.

Although your employer brand has been developed for years, in the modern era you need to add values that fit in the new market. Investing in employer brand values ​​not only helps to compete for top talents, but also helps you find suitable candidates to your company culture and environment.

Photo by Rebrand Cities on Pexels.

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