Higher Education Institutions

Solutions that transform HEI’s collaborative commercialization networks.

Technology Transfer Platform


Connect with other researchers, apply for international grants, and collaborate together.

Industry Connections

Connect with relevant industry partners who are actively seeking out research / technology within your field of research.

Specialized Service Providers

Find subject matter experts in your region who can help you navigate your commercialization challenges.

Startups, Spinouts, and Scaleups

There are various ways that you can leverage our expertise and that of the members of the Technology Transfer Platform, to help your statups, spinouts and scaleups.  Workshops and events on:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Building MVP’s
  • Identify export opportunities
  • Pilot Projects
  • Marketing and outreach campaigns to reach industry contacts

Research Licensing

If you are interested in promoting your research projects to a wider audience, please feel free to send us an email at licensing@digitalexportdevelopment.com.  

Commercialization Capital

Later on in 2022, we will be spearheading efforts to form a fund to finance commercialization projects in underserved regions of the world.  To find out more information regarding Commercialization Capital, please subscribe to our newsletter.