Food Intake Monitor

The Problem:
Obesity and other diseases are growing in the US and to combat these diseases fitness trackers are used to monitor both dietary aspects as well as physical exercises. However, food intake monitors have not accurately and easily tracked food intake properly. Thus, not providing the needed data to assist patients with there needs.

The Solution:
Researchers at the University of Alabama invented two different methods for food intake monitoring for dieting purposes. The first utilizes an air tube headset that is connected to a pressure sensor. When the user chews, there is a difference in air pressure in the ear canal triggering the sensor. Data will be recorded and analyzed by accompanying technology. In addition to simply measuring the chewing of a user, this technology includes an audio component to provide discrete messages to the wearer on their intake. The second technology utilizes an eyeglasses clip-on unit that uses an accelerometer to measure the movement of chewing muscles. Additionally, the clip-on will take pictures of the food as being consumed. This technology will then communicate with a processor to analyze the information collected by the clip-on.


  • Accurately measures food intake through chewing motions.
  • Can track calories in and calories out for a more comprehensive dietary information.
  • Easily worn and used, like other fitness tracker devices.

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