Flexible Magnetic Antenna Structures

The Problem:
Various wireless communication services, including AM/FM radio, satellite radio, cellular phone communications, and intelligent transportation systems, are increasingly demanded because handheld electronic devices and automotive multimedia are rapidly advancing. A large number of antennas are required/need to be embedded in the wireless communication system, so antenna miniaturization, compact design, and easy integration are important factors. Current antennas with dielectric substrate material are limited in performance capabilities including miniaturization, gain, and bandwidth efficiency.

The Solution:
Researchers at the University of Alabama have developed a flexible magnetic antenna comprising a flexible printed circuit board (PCB) carrier, magneto-dielectric (MD) layer, and antenna radiator. The MD layer allows for antenna miniaturization and increases the electromagnetic energy radiation while maintaining high performance and good conformability, allowing this technology to outperform current flexible dielectric antennas.

Resonance Frequency, Antenna Gain and Return Loss of Antenna
• Smaller/miniaturized, more modern flexible dielectric antenna.


  • Increased applications. (FM radio, video broadcasting, cell, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Multiple fabrication methods.
  • Rapid technology change.
  • Low-profile, high integrability & conformability.
  • Smaller/miniaturized, more modern flexible dielectric antenna.

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