Fault Localization Tool for Declarative Models

  • FLACK relies on counterexamples and satisfying instances generated by constraint solvers to locate suspicious expressions.


An automated, fault localization approach and accompanying tool-suite to improve the quality of Alloy development called FLACK (Fault Localization in Alloy models using Counterexamples).

Technology Description

This technology is a fault localization tool called FLACK (fault localization in Alloy models using counterexamples). The program takes as input a declarative language model consisting of a violated assertion and returns a ranked list of expressions contributing to the assertion violation. This technology solves software engineering problems by identifying problems in code leading to bugs and improves the quality of declarative language development, i.e., Alloy.

Contact Information

Name: Arpi Siyahian

Email: asiyahian@nutechventures.org

Phone: 402-472-1783