Fabrication of Ordered Cell-Containing Microarrays

  • Innovative methodology for the scalable generation of large-area cell arrays with flexible geometries and tunable resolution.


Scalable method for the preparation of microarray cell cultures with single-cell resolution.

Technology Description

This technology is a facile and highly scalable technique for the rational design of reconfigurable arrays of cells. This cell patterning method combines microfluidic-based aerosol delivery and micrdroplet surface assembly for customizable array geometries. The versatile route allows spray deposition of cells on two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) surfaces. Additionally, a variety of liquid solutions, cell types, and biological or chemical molecules can be deposited.


  • Scalable – aerosol-based delivery of microdroplets
  • Tunable – user-defined chemical patterns of controlled functionality
  • Flexible – applicable to both 2D and 3D microarrays
  • Versatile – deposition of various liquid solutions, cell types, and biological/chemical molecules

Potential Applications

  • Pharmaceutical – drug screening
  • Biomedical – tissue engineering, single cell screening
  • Research Tool – cell-cell investigations, mechanobiology

Contact Information

Name: Arpi Siyahian

Email: asiyahian@nutechventures.org

Phone: 402-472-1783