Enclosure and Cable Management Design for Smart Socks: Spooling

Technology Overview

Electrical Enclosure Mount with Magnetic Cable Spooling Management


With the development of the smart sock technology, further developments regarding the sock’s components have also been developed.

This product is a component of the smart sock that can be used in athletics and laboratory testing. The product adequately encloses all hardware while simultaneously managing excess wires associated with the smart sock. The snap together design along with the wire management system are the major features that accounted for the deficiencies in prior art.

Technology Description

A 3D Printed sensor enclosure design for the purpose of attaching to a “smart sock” allowing for easy usability and adequate access to the sensor device. The product also handles excess wire management through magnetic spools. 

The electrical enclosure with magnetic cable spooling management includes multiple enclosures for containing control boards, computing devices and other circuitry for interacting with sensors or other electric/electronic biometric input/output devices attached to an article of clothing such as a sock. 

This enclosure mount receives wires via various openings to allow such wires to electrically couple to the enclosed circuitry. The mount includes spools on top of the enclosure with magnetic caps to provide locations for loose wires to be spooled and securely covered/fastened to support connections to the enclosed circuitry. One row of the spools is depicted without magnetic caps to depict the structure of the spools. 


‑ Management of wires in more efficient fashion

‑ Revolutionary spools and magnetic cap to provide efficient spooling and securely contain connections to enclosed circuitry

‑ easy usability 

‑ easy accessibility 


 Useful in smart sock and possible use of technology in other wearable tech apparel products. 




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