DOs and DON’Ts during Covid-19 for hotel managers (Part 2)

Part 2: DOs

In the previous part, we had 2 notices that what hotel DON’T do during Covid-19. So in this part, we are giving notice about what to DO:

  • DO share with your guests to remain a long-life relationship with them
    Considering loosen the cancel policy for guests who want to cancel the booking at this time. Refunding 100% or keeping a tiny amount to pay for the system operation (and the hotel should explain this fee to guests)
  • DO prepare scenarios of guests needs of accommodation and sale solutions
    The needs within 6 months to 1 year would be focused on the domestic market, business guests, and MICE. Bring as many solutions as you can to these type of guests and needs. Notice that the international market would have a change in their segmentation – different types of guests would come to Vietnam as before.
  • DO focus on employee relationship
    Try keeping as many staff as you can. The free staff can be arranged in the past undone projects. Or hotel can cross add more people to the departments that not need high-level skills. As is, the staff can handle the job flexibly in the future
  • DO search for other sources of revenue
    From the current services provided and current department, expand your business to office cleaning services, laundry service, or if your hotel has an in-house restaurant you can raise the revenue of this function, or if you have a full-equipped kitchen only, you can provide cooking services for enterprises.
  • DO complete your admin works with the cut-off employees to help them receiving aid from the government

With all the recommendations above, you can make adjustments that fit your current situation.

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