DOs and DON’Ts during Covid-19 for hotel managers (Part 1)

Part 1: DON’Ts

The government has been loosening the social distancing recently. However, the hotel industry will surely not get back to the trail soon. Therefore, these are the things that we Shoudn’t and Should do at this time.

Firstly, let’s notice these 2 DON’Ts:

  • DON’T be too much stress about the occupancy rate
    We can do nothing to make the guests stay at our hotel. The promotion like discount, package, or other special promotions cannot beat the worry of guests about the pandemic or as the government request. Customers come to hotels these days would not for the reason of the promotions but for the safety that the hotel can bring.
  • DON’T sit still/DON’T be quiet
    This is a golden time for hotels to improve our services, training the team, or we can even do cross-training between departments to understand others’ job and make a better collaboration later.

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