Distribution Strategy after Covid-19 pandemic

The Prime Minister has just called for strong recovery and preparation at all costs for domestic tourism development. To anticipate the coming domestic tourism demand, hotels need to have rapid recovery strategies. Distribution strategy is a good start.

The basic principle remains that hotels need to be distributed in multiple channels and well managed, including direct channels through the website or through search engines, and indirect channels like OTAs.

In particular, direct channels is the 1st thing to be focused on to reduce costs and help hotels interact with customers more effectively. The suggestion is improving the website, upgrading the booking engine page to help customers book services fast, and optimizing search engine results.

OTAs channels should be filtered. Note that OTAs channels may have their own refund policy for guests although this is not covered by the hotel policy. So either hotels need to contact directly to clarify this or choose another OTAs channel to distribute to ensure the number of bookings and revenue sources for the hotel.

Photo on Pikwizard