Device Extracts Intact Autografts of Any Shape and Size

  • Device precisely harvests large autologous grafts of bone/cartilage
  • Effectively separates the bottom surface of the graft from the donor site
  • Enhances surgical techniques for Post Traumatic Osteoarthritis (PTOA) surgical treatments


The University of Central Florida invention is a bone/cartilage removal device to harvest large grafts to repair the damaging effects of osteoarthritis surgically. Properly harvesting large grafts is impossible with current surgical methods because the deep side cannot be cut. The difficulty in extracting donor grafts for autografting lies in separating the bottom surface of the graft from the donor site. As a solution, UCF researchers have developed a novel bone removal device to harvest a precisely designed autologous graft. With the UCF invention, larger, custom‐shaped grafts can be extracted intact by being able to slice off the bottom part of the core using a flexible string saw. It follows the contour properly and extracts a graft with a flat sliced surface.

Technical Details

The UCF invention consists of an apparatus and method for harvesting an autograft from a patient. In one example application, the unique bone-cutting system does the following:

  • Drills/mills a tissue graft from a non-weight-bearing site. The graft profile is the same as the profile of the damaged cartilage.
  • Accurately slices off the bottom part of the graft from the bone.

The system includes a flexible saw component and a mechanism that facilitates the insertion of the component parallel to the transverse plane. The design allows the transfer of the saw motion from the coronal (x‐y) to the transverse (x‐z) plane.

Partnering Opportunity

The research team is seeking partners for licensing, research collaboration, or both.


  • Can transform many invasive orthopedic procedures into minimally invasive personalized procedures, which are not currently available
  • Can be used for extracting hard tissue grafts of virtually any shape and size

Potential Applications

  • Orthopedic procedures that need to remove tissue intact
  • Manufacturers of orthopedic surgery tools and biomedical devices

Contact Information

Name: Andrea Adkins


Phone: 407.823.0138