Cutting marketing cost is a wrong approach

The pandemic has put any business into a tough time. And one of the first thoughts when facing the difficulty is cutting costs. The most popular mistake is cutting marketing costs. “There are no guests or no need, then no marketing needed” is the most used excuse being made. This point can be applied to some industry, but should not apply to the hospitality industry. Traveling is about dreaming. We need to sell the dream to customers as in 5 stages of travel that I mentioned before. The first stage is Dreaming. At this time, the goal is to nurture customers’ dreams about their trip after the long-home-stay caused by the pandemic.

We can save some penny when cutting costs but the need of traveling is still the same. If your hotel stops spending on marketing, customers will go somewhere else. You have just lost a chance to earn future bookings.

Don’t cut your marketing cost. Use it for the right channel, with a right message.

Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash

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