Consensus-based Multi-Piezoelectric Microcantilever Sensor

The Problem:
Traditionally a micro-cantilever sensor and a laser are used to make measurements of nanoscale motions. The laser must be aligned and optimized to ensure an accurate measurement. This proves to be time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, measures were taken to overcome this problem by introducing a piezoelectric layer. However, this was problematic, as when failures occurred it was not possible to determine where within the single layer the failure was.

The Solution:
This technology utilizes multiple piezoelectric sensors to provide the same precision as the laser. A software component accompanies the sensor to provide data. This technology is able to measure micro-cantilever movement to an unprecedented accuracy. It operates by detecting the small currents that are produced when the cantilevers are deflected.


  • More accurate than traditional measuring systems.
  • Safety net; If one or two sensors fail, the technology is still capable of producing a quality image.
  • Higher efficiency.

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