Chemical Roller

“No-Drift” Chemical Applicator

The Problem:

Unintended herbicide application can devastate home lawns and gardens, as well as surrounding properties. This often occurs due to spray drift when treating for weeds. Products designed to eliminate weeds, but preserve turf grasses, often harm nearby trees, shrubs, and other bedding plants. As a result, individuals waste a great deal of time and money. Alternatives, such as conical applicators, are time consuming and do little to prevent spray drift.

The Solution:

Researchers at the University of Tennessee have developed an alternative chemical applicator with a roller attached to an extendable shaft. Herbicide, or other chemicals, flow into the shaft from a traditional backpack sprayer, into a fluid dispenser housed within the chemical roller. Chemicals are then rolled over the weed’s surface, eliminating any risk of spray drift. This technology has applications for manufacturers of lawn and outdoor equipment, landscape products, and small-scale agricultural sprayers.


  • Maintains attractive turf, while preserving the health and appearance of nearby desirable plants.
  • Extendable shaft suits the needs of multiple users.
  • Easy to use and cost effective.
  • Seamless integration with existing backpack chemical housing devices.
  • Particularly useful where traditional sprayers are used on pavers alongside turf.
  • Long term effects help to reduce health and environmental hazards associated with agricultural chemical spray drift.

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