Cell Membrane Coated Nanoparticles and Assays for Identification of Transmembrane Protein-binding Compounds

The Problem:
Current techniques of discovering new potential drug leads take weeks or even months to identify potential hits. This process is slow when a field such as drugs and pharmaceuticals needs solutions quickly. Because discovering potential drug leads takes a substantial amount of time, this limits the capacity of the testing field.

The Solution:
The use of cell membrane coated nanoparticles (nanoghosts) achieve the identification of potential hits within days. The procedure involves obtaining nanoghosts with fully functional transmembrane proteins. These nanoparticles with the targeted protein are then used in the process of identifying new potential drug leads present in complex matrices, such as plant extracts, microbial products, and synthetic mixtures.


  • Easy implementation into drug research fields
  • Speeds up identification of potential hits of drug leads greatly
  • Refines the “High Throughput Process” of identifying drug leads
  • More potential hits can be identified which leads to more drug leads being identified

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