BRIEF Health Lessons – 2674

  • An engaging and energetic health card deck/tool for elementary-age children.



Elementary school children are still very much in their formative years. As such, they should receive enriching health education to cultivate a path towards lifelong wellness.

Innovation Overview

Developed at the University of Kentucky, this innovation is an engaging and energetic health tool for children in the third grade. This novel tool is a simple, easy and fun way to inspire healthy behavior in children. It seeks to provide a stimulating experience for young learners by supplying a series of fun and integrative message cards. Teachers utilize the cards, which contain Brief, Regular, Integrated, Energetic, and Fun (BRIEF) Health Lessons.

Most cards contain a health message, a question and an activity (i.e., movement, storytelling, acting, drawing, challenges, word finds and mazes) that teachers can share in approximately five minutes. When time is an issue, teachers can pull a single card from the deck to help develop healthy behaviors in children.


  • A set of cards
  • Each card contains a single strategy for improving health
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast and fun

Contact Information

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