Biologic Material Identification and Classification Tool

  • The classification system identifies and classifies unknown organisms without previous phenotypic identification.
  • Employs an “alignment free” method and is fully automatic
  • Establishes the use of Lempel-Ziv complexity to construct phylogenetic trees

Sequence distance measure for phylogenic tree construction with the potential for rapid identification of biological materials of unknown origin.

Technology Description

This technology is a method and system for biologic material identification via sequence distance measurement based on the Lempel-Ziv complexity. When inputting whole genomes or single genes, the system results in successful construction of phylogenic trees. Obtained phylogenic trees aid in identifying and classifying organisms of unknown origin. Overall, this technology could identify new organisms when applied during infectious disease monitoring or bio-terrorism prevention.

Contact Information

Name: Zane Gernhart


Phone: 515-408-4685