Artificial Neural Network for Volt/Var Control of Smart Inverters at Grid Edge

The Problem:
As more homes are fitted with solar panels or other renewable energy sources, the network of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) becomes large and more complex. Due to irregularities in the power supplied by these resources, the power grid needs a mechanism to ensure it is always producing a voltage within a pre-specified range.

The Solution:
Researchers at The University of Alabama have developed a technology where the voltage supplied by the invented system is monitored by an artificial neural network which controls smart inverters and banks of capacitors. The artificial neural network recognizes when voltage is rising or dropping outside a pre-specified range and makes appropriate changes to regulate the voltage supplied to the energy consumers. This control ensures that the voltage the grid provides is always within the correct operating range.

Cap Solar panels on the roofs of homes


  • Makes distributed energy resources much more efficient.
  • Enhances grid reliability.
  • Aids in distributed energy resource implementation.

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