Apple Watch App System to Monitor Bone Marrow Transplant Patients – 2521

  • Mobile and wearable system to support bone marrow transplant patients’ recovery journey.



Many apps on the market provides features like wellness, symptom monitoring and medication management. These apps are often developed with a single focus (e.g., physical activity). These apps do not help with managing complications because they don’t connect with providers. There are only a few apps customized for patients and their family caregivers. Most apps provide only health information and way to organize support.

Technology Overview

Developed at the University of Kentucky, this mobile and wearable system supports bone marrow transplant patients in their recovery journey. This support system aims to promote patients’ physical activity, improve their communication with providers and boost their motivation for recovery. This app offers several services that meet the most important needs of patients and fills the void in the market.


  • Promotes patients’ physical activity
  • Improves patients’ communication with providers
  • Boosts patients’ motivation for recovery

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