Aon launches Next Generation HR Hub for early-career HR professionals

Aon HR Learning Center, with a mission to provide real learning to help HR impact business outcomes, is launching Next Generation HR Hub: an ecosystem for early-career HR professionals to sharpen role impact, access cutting-edge insights, and showcase skills.

The gap between skills demand and supply continues to exist. As per Alight Solution and People Matters’ annual State of HR transformation Study, ‘upskilling HR capabilities’ has remained the top priority in all the last three years. Now when the present and future of work gets more complex in the wake of the pandemic, the need for HR professionals to upskill themselves is more than ever. 

Among the skills holding HR professionals back are lack of business acumen, analytical orientation, strategic thinking, and facilitating change. 

The future is as uncertain as it could get. Business models are getting disrupted rapidly. The early-career HR professionals have a lot of challenges on the way forward. But if they along with the business leaders invest in their learning and development now, both the professionals and the businesses will be better equipped to face the unprecedented future of work. But what are the skills they need to build? How can they acquire the relevant knowledge to enable business relevant people outcomes? How can they play a more strategic role and impact the business bottom line?

Aon HR Learning Center’s (AHLC) latest initiative is here to help aspiring and early-career HR professionals accelerate their learning curve and be more future-ready. With its Next Generation HR Hub, AHLC brings an ecosystem to sharpen role impact, access cutting-edge insights, and showcase skills.

AHLC is here to bridge the skills gap for HR professionals

Aon HR Learning Center has been empowering HR professionals across functions and levels impact business outcomes. Spread across 15 countries in Asia, Pacific and the Middle East it has so far helped more than 12,000 professionals impact business results. With 22 flagship learning journeys across roles it has enabled HR capability at over 1500 organizations. Continuing its endeavor to empower the HR community, it is here with its latest initiative Next Generation HR Hub.

“We are on a mission to curate an ecosystem for aspiring and early-career HR professionals to prepare with learning content, assess for readiness and brand for credentialing,” says Pritish Gandhi, Practice Leader, Aon HR Learning Center, Asia and Middle East.

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Photo by Lala Azizli tại Unsplash