Anti-CRR9 mAbs to Treat Therapy-Resistant Cancer


CRR9 monoclonal antibodies kill tumors & re-sensitize them to chemotherapy independently of oncogenic drivers, including KRas-driven, ovarian, lung & pancreatic tumors. We have a validated target, and established MOA & in vivo POC data.

Our novel CRR9-inhibiting human monoclonal antibodies:

  • are stable, scalable, fully human IgG1 lead inhibitors
  • specifically, target the most relevant CRR9 epitope & tumor tissues
  • don’t have measurable toxicity
  • hit one target, but multiple pathways
  • kill as monotherapy & are synergistic with apoptosis-inducing agents with potential for combination (chemo, radiation, targeted, and immune) therapy


Contact Information

MCW Office of Technology Development:

Name: Kevin Boggs, Ph.D., MBA

Title: Director

Phone: (414) 955-4381