After COVID-19 pandemic, which markets will become potentials for the hospitality industry in Vietnam?

Although being affected strongly by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research experts, the hospitality industry will recover the fastest after the pandemic is over. For that reason, Vietnam is redirecting to promote tourism in new potential markets to revive the tourism and F&B industries. India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and ASEAN are considered as key markets with direct flight routes and high growth rates. Hotel owners need to study the cultural, culinary and communication differences of each customer to both build an effective marketing strategy and improve service quality. In particular, the billion-population market like India is very particular in terms of cuisine and religion, so it will be beneficial to learn and study well the habits of spending, living, and shopping for the growing hospitality industry in Vietnam.

For the European and American tourists, hotel businesses need to promote the message of promoting the image of Vietnam safely and professionally with effective disease prevention measures to enhance the reputation with tourists. The most effective solution is to cooperate with the government to launch many 5-star hotels as quarantine services to fill up the empty rooms and create a long-term reputation with visitors.

Photo by The Anam on Unsplash.

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